Filling and Refilling

Felom Group Srl has renewed and is ready to renew the world of TAPPING. But that’s not all, the new Fill & Refill PATENT makes all containers suitable for tapping but not only, it also makes it possible to FILL with the ISOBARIC method.

Finally you can create your own personal bar at home, with a small homebrew system, all strictly Made in Italy. The ReDrink, ReParty and ReKeg systems are easy to use, sanitise and install in your home, guaranteeing a professional system for dispensing the drinks of your choice, with no size restrictions.

Fill & Refill.

The revolutionary method of tapping beer – and more! – that keeps it fresh and unaltered… from the brewery to the glass!

Thirst for innovation and love for the environment

Many people prefer draught beer to bottled beer because this is the best way to enjoy it. At the same time, consumer interest in more authenticity and variety of beer has grown. On the other hand, the family’s need to save money, and care for the environment and the different beverage formats connected to the tap systems thanks to Felom have the advantage of being Fill & ReFill and easily sanitised. That’s right! The system is reusable as many times as you want, which is cheaper than many tapping systems.

Tapping, sanitising and isobaric filling in one solution.

How does it work?

01. The compressed air in the Co2 cylinder exits into the pressure reducer, the pressure bars are adjustable with a screw system according to the type of drink to be tapped;

02. The adapter allows several bottles to be tapped and connected in series without having to disconnect the system;

03. The adapter has a shut-off tap to easily disconnect and sanitise the system.



Reducing the environmental impact of the tapping system is one of the benefits of Felom’s signature and patented technology.




The tapping system is now guaranteed for the smaller formats that you can easily find in the supermarket or in your local brewery

For 50 years, draught beer has been sold in steel kegs that guarantee the freshness of the beer for about 7 days. Felom solves the possibility of the product going to waste, as is the case with large kegs, and integrates a system for small consumption and for the whole family that allows both tapping and filling.

Let's help limit the use of bottles and embrace the '0 waste' idea

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